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To help communities address Food Equity, an issue exacerbated by social injustice and Covid-19

The Purpose

 To raise funds for organizations that help feed families in need.  This season we partner with Northwest Tap Connection's Shaina's Garden and 

Food Is Love Project.

To connect artists of color in the community, and provide avenues for local artists to contribute their talents and find work at a time where Covid-19 demands us to social distance.


To creatively examine the race and social justice issues that have created an uphill battle for equality.  No Justice, No Peace. 

​To educate our community about Black History as it relates to systemic racism.


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Our Mission

As the concept for Humanity – An Evolving 

Perspective grew, it became clear that this work is a vast amount of history that cannot be told in one short presentation.   It would take FOREVER!

Our mission is to continue the narrative by presenting the We Inspire Humanity Series.

  • Humanity: An Evolving perspective

  • Humanity: Women of the Movement

  • Humanity: The Church as an Advocate

  • Humanity: The "Tricks" of the "trade"

  • Humanity:  Hope for the Future

Come with us on our journey to artistically explore Humanity and how our stories have shifted and evolved. 


"Equality, and I will  be Free"  - Maya Angelou


To Honor Our Ancestors

Humanity: An Evolving Perspective 

is a virtual performance spearheaded by Vania C Bynum (Bynum Arts and Education Movement) in partnership with Jaime Waliczek (Jerboa Dance).   The vision for this virtual fundraiser stemmed from Vania’s production of the 2005 Hurricane Relief Benefit, produced in partnership with the Allied Arts Foundation and Microsoft (BAM).   The title, Humanity, was originally inspired by a visit to a museum in Maui, Hawaii - where curator Vania, learned of the mistreatment that Hawaiians endured during the 20th century.  The malice and inequitable practices paralleled that of the general discrimination against People of Color across the globe.  


The theme of Humanity  was influenced  by the desire of  Vania and Jaime to assist our community as it is being impacted by COVID-19 and the deaths of Black citizens due to police brutality.  In the midst of the global pandemic, the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd , and many others has accelerated the movement for equality and justice, causing a long overdue increase in momentum.  In separate corners, both artists asked the same questions to each other.  What can we do to help our communities?   


Together we stand. 

"We honor our Ancestors by sharing a narrative of truth.  We can only move forward when we acknowledge realities of the past"

Vania C Bynum

We Need Your Support Today!

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