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As Bellevue Washington’s premier provider of socially relevant artistic programming, We Inspire Humanity by VCBynum Arts and Education curates creative works and classes that empower, educate, and transform. We believe in celebrating our cultural differences by amplifying the voices of the African diaspora and other communities of color.

Friends in the City

Artists honor our Ancestors by sharing a narrative of truth.  We can only move forward when we acknowledge the realities of the past.

- Vania C. Bynum, Founder & Art Director

Founded With a Purpose

VCBynums Art & Education’s mission is to engage our community through the power of art, education, and stories that deepen our connection to African American culture. By nurturing diversity in the arts, we uplift the voices of all artists and initiate public support for our most challenging societal issues, serving as a catalyst for overcoming them.

Core Values


Dream with determination and inspire others:

We encourage creativity, imagination, and the fearless pursuit of dreams. Through self-discipline, mastery, and dedication dreams can be achieved.


Foster cultural connection:

The sustainability of our work is greatly dependent on our ability to connect artists of color. Through culturally relevant and equitable programming we can unite despite barriers, strengthening the social fabric of our displaced village.


Honor and cherish our diversity:

We genuinely treasure the mosaic of ideas, cultures, and people, as it underpins our very essence. Through art, dialogue, and fostering meaningful connections, we witness the remarkable expansion of humanity and the endless realm of possibilities.


Blend our social awareness with artistic excellence:

We believe in the transformational power of the arts to ignite conversations and serve as a catalyst for change. We seek to unite and balance our strong dedication to social responsibility with our unwavering pursuit of artistic mastery.


Practice respect, integrity, civility, and transparency:

To realize our aspirations, we must actively implement these values in all our engagements, treating one another, our artists, audiences, students, and neighbors with respect, integrity, civility, and transparency.


Be responsible and efficient with resources:

We are grateful to receive generous contributions from our sponsor organizations, donors, and partners along with the support of our community. It is our highest priority to thoughtfully and effectively use our resources in service of the organization, students, artists, and audiences.

Land Acknowledgement

VCBynum Arts and Education acknowledge that we are residing on the Indigenous Land of Coast Salish people who have reserved treaty rights to this land, including the Duwamish Tribe, Suquamish Tribe, Muckleshoot Indian Tribe, Tulalip Tribe, and Snoqualmie Indian Tribe. We pay respect and give thanks to these caretakers of this land, past, present, and future.



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