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The Humanity Program was crafted so well and with the heart softening that is required to relinquish fear ...   The collaborations were wonderful and it was a gift to be welcomed into the lives and community that resides right here.

- Stephanie Saland, Former Principal Dancer With New York City Ballet


We Inspire Humanity is the ____ artistic programming by VCBynum Arts and Education, based in the city of Bellevue, Washington. Originally developed in 20XX as a virtual performance series in response to the malice and inequitable practices of discrimination against people of color across the globe….It quickly grew into the purpose behind VCBynum Arts and Education and the driver for culturally relevant and accessible arts programming.


We Inspire Humanity aims to foster connection and collaboration between artists of color to provide dance classes, and workshops, and curate socially conscious work that empowers our community and uplifts voices that often go unheard. Our initial seasons focused on building our community partnerships and providing avenues for local artists to contribute their talents during a time when COVID-19 demanded us to social distance to remain safe. We partnered with several talented artists to produce the Humanity concert, which raised a significant amount of funds for organizations that help feed families in need.


In 20XX we expanded our focus through the development of dance classes taught by artists of color, setting out to become an effective leader promoting diversity in the art industry…


Since the founding of VCBynum Arts and Education in 20XX, we have worked to cultivate a community of artists that feel welcome to express themselves freely and comfortable enough to share their stories through socially conscious performances. Through the prism of dynamic, contemporary, and relevant works by local artists of color, audiences are inspired to understand different cultural perspectives. By creatively educating the community, we can reflect on the societal challenges that plague our community and promote action toward a more equitable and just world.


Our transformational performances, classes, workshops, and community outreach inspire the next generation of artists and empower each of us to continually strive for a more creative, equitable, and culturally connected community. We sincerely hope that you will join us on this journey.


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